Fundación del Empresariado Chihuahuense, A.C.

Building community


Our total investment in the State of Chihuahua from 1994 to 2017 exceeds 2,331 million pesos to fund more than 5,190 programs. Through these programs, we:

  • Advance the human and social development of Chihuahua citizens,by providing grants to nonprofit organizations to build, renovate, and expand their facilities. Each project we support allows us to connect with governments and the community, strengthening the social fabric and enhancing services provided to the people served by nonprofit organizations.
  • Build the capacities of nonprofit practitioners through specialized centers to advance nonprofit organization management.
  • Foster the creation of roundtables and conversations that catalyze collaboration, feedback, and learning opportunities for the organizations we convene around a common issues.
  • Promote the principles of corporate social responsibility: commitment to the environment, human development, and community building.
  • Strengthen community networks by convening community leaders and stakeholders on specific issues, encouraging partnerships to expand coverage, improve services and avoid duplication of efforts.
  • We promote the creation of new nonprofit organizations, incubating projects, convening, sharing, supporting and generating co-responsibility with other community stakeholders.

See complete list of grants approved by our Board of Directors (only available in Spanish):

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